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Restaurant Review: SEA

I was definitely overdue for a visit to SEA Thai Restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I mean seriously, even my friends in Los Angeles were boasting about this place!  Needless to say I jumped at the first chance I got to see what all the hype was about.

One of my oldest friends and I decided to get together for a late lunch at SEA.   We had so much fun!  Before we knew it 4.5 HOURS had passed, the day had progressed to night, and SEA easily transformed from a cozy sun-lit restaurant for lunch to a trendy bar/lounge for dinner.  The DJ was spinning, dim lights were flickering, and the now packed restaurant was filled with people enjoying themselves.  The art deco ambiance of this restaurant was worth the trip alone.

I have to admit, though our food was filled with fusions of flavor, this was not the best Thai food I’ve ever had.  Yet at the same time, it definitely was not my worst experience eating Thai food either. We ordered:

Po-Pia Sod vegetarian rolls with peanut and tamarind sauce

Grilled Chicken Breast with green vegetable, and three flavors sauce

Seafood Rice Bowl with shrimp, squid, scallop, broccoli, mushroom, and carrot in a gravy garlic-pepper sauce

And Thai Tiramisu (made with thai iced tea)

As you can see, the presentation of the food on our plates was absolutely enticing.  Every dish that we ordered, as well as those that passed us by to land on other tables, were visually stimulating.  The service was good, our food didn’t take long to arrive, and the meals were moderately priced.  Needless to say we both thoroughly enjoyed our time at SEA.  I will definitely go back again.

SEA Thai Restaurant
114 N 6th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Sea Thai Restaurant and Bistro on Urbanspoon

Con Amor,

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